At The Nutro Company, we take the safety of our pet food very seriously.


The Nutro Company understands that pet owners are not just  interested in the benefits of natural food and premium nutrition, but also want to be assured that their pet’s food is manufactured to high standards of quality and safety. At The Nutro Company, we go above and beyond to demonstrate the safety of our formulas.

How we operate:

We buy our own ingredients

Ingredient Selection

  • Ingredient supplier certification
  • Strict ingredient specifications
  • Comprehensive analytical testing program

We add no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives to our ingredients

Supplier Selection

  • First step – Must pass a self-evaluation survey
  • Second step – must pass a human food quality audit
  • Third step – participate in our ongoing Supplier Quality Assurance Program

We own and operate our dry and wet pet food plants in the USA

Food Safety Programs

  • Sanitation, Housekeeping & Hygiene
  • Good Manufacturing Processes (GMPs)
  • Pest Control
  • Receiving & Inventory Control
  • Process & Product Evaluation
  • Product Security

Quality Systems Programs

  • Document and Records management
  • Change Control
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Self Audits
  • Management Training
  • Effectiveness Checks

We conduct over 600 quality checks a day

  • Product testing procedures
  • Raw materials
  • During production
  • Before Product leaves the plant
  • When it is received in the warehouse
  • Regular inspections
  • Comprehensive audits
  • Corrective action program

We measure our success

  • Monitoring of Consumer comments
  • Complaint reports
  • Executive Summaries
  • Monthly product reviews
  • Communication with suppliers
  • Monthly quality scorecard
  • Quarterly executive review

Because FOOD SAFETY is our FIRST priority.


For The Nutro Company this means that at our manufacturing facilities we have:

  • Defined ingredient standards and ingredient receiving specifications, and accept only those that meet our standards
  • Nutritional standards and safety testing for all finished products
  • Verified food safety policies and practices
  • Tracking of all ingredients and finished products


We go to such great lengths to ensure the safety of our food because we care about pets. It’s the reason we never compromise our standards. And it’s why you can feel confident choosing NATURAL CHOICE™ Pet Foods for your dog or cat.